How to Meet Gorgeous Women at the Gym

Going to the gym is not only good for your health, it is a great way to meet gorgeous woman.
Follow my easy advice, and you might meet the girl of your dreams.
First start with the front desk employee, who at my gym is often a young vivacious woman.  When she asks me for my membership number, I am always cordial, and once I said, “My number is 007.   I’m Bond, James Bond.”
I then compliment her, maybe saying her eyes look like two coconuts on fire.  This could lead to further serious conversation.
Always get on a resistance machine that has women nearby.  Just to get their attention, put maybe five pounds of weight on and do ten reps with loud grunting and excessive heavy breathing.  Let these women know you are a strong man, and you have stamina.  Remember women love to smell sweat.
After three short years at the gym, I’ve gotten one woman’s cell phone number.  It did turn out, though, to be the number for Weight Watchers, but that’s ok.  In this battle of the sexes you take your blows head on and persevere.
In conversation I let them know that I am a chef and I love the nightlife,  although last night I watched Storage Wars re-runs and ate a bag of pork rinds.
Bottom line: if you like watching women work out, and you are a little lonely, head to the gym, and be ready for love.

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