I have learned a lot through the care and observation of my dog Louie.
When Louie is not sleeping, he is very active, usually eating or foraging for food.
Watching him in the back yard, I noticed that when he approached anything–a bush, the cat–his first reaction was to try to screw it, than he might try to eat it, and, if this didn’t work, he would piss on it.

I thought that this really simplifies life, and I’ve caught myself mimicking his actions.
Louie loves affection. You can pet him two or three times, and, to show his pleasure, he might lick himself for quite some time.
I haven’t tried this yet– I am working on my flexibility.

Louie eats very little dog food, but he eats lots of snacks like maybe an old burrito. This may explain why such a small dog can poop like a St. Bernard. I can’t poop at all sometimes, and, after serious pushing and pain, there will be something in the toilet that looks like a peanut. Go figure.

Make no mistake, from Louie I have learned a little about love, and, for that, I will be forever grateful.


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