Motorcycles in the Fall


This was a great day–
getting high with my big brother in Gambrill State Park and cruising on our motorcycles.

I wasn’t an experienced rider and I was stoned to the bone.
I was checking out the colors of the leaves, and I didn’t notice my brother had stopped.
I ran right into him.
My bike bounced off his, and I shot off into the woods at maybe fifty miles per hour.
I struck a pine tree head on, launched back into the air, wrapped around a branch,
and then fell to the ground. My shirt was torn off my body. The branch had pulled my pants down.
Standing in my underwear, I said to my brother, “Are you OK?”
He said, “What the fuck?!”

He looked up at me and started laughing.
We had been shaken up, so we smoked some more pot and were on our way.


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