Dieting Until the Miracle


I am going to lose twenty pounds by Christmas using the WBM method.

I have to want it badly. I saw too many flimsy chairs collapse under me last summer. My pants split open twice revealing my underwear as less than 99.44% clean. My love handles look like camel humps, and I did not see my feet this month.
You have to want it bad, and I do.

You are going to do battle not only with your own diabolical hungry thoughts, but with your family and friends, who will offer you cheesecake or chocolates as soon as they hear you’re on a diet. Being brave has been lacking in my life so far. It is time to be courageous and fight for a slimmer, sexy body, and then everything will be wonderful.

Yes, it would take a miracle if over the next few weeks I lost twenty pounds. Sometimes miracles do happen. If I reach my goal by Christmas, I might go to church,
and, there is a Burger King right next to church.


One thought on “Dieting Until the Miracle

  1. Good luck. I remember when I first started at the saboteurs were there to try and stop me. I would accept their treats and then throw them in the trash right in front of them. They stopped offering right quickly. I guess they didn’t want to waste their money on the trash can. lol…..

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