Legalizing Marijuana — Working Out the Kinks


In my expert opinion, there are going to be some obvious problems once all United States citizens will be able to purchase marijuana legally.
First and foremost will be the effect of munchies on the general public. From experimentation, I know that my appetite for junk food goes up exponentially after just one bong hit– I can eat a whole package of Oreo cookies followed by a quart of chocolate milk.
A quick trip to Walmart and you can see that both customers and employees are built like beach balls already. In the course of researching this article, I spoke to only one thin man who stated that he had just arrived here from Haiti. Ultimately, nationwide munchies could put a strain on Obamacare when it starts working.

Short term memory loss could be disastrous. People are going to spend more time looking for their keys, as well as, walking into rooms and forgetting why, and trying to recall the names of friends and family. This is definitely going to affect productivity in this country–a tough blow to an already fragile economy.

Finally, there will be the problem with what we referred to in high school as “loogies.” The disgusting solid phlegm that plagues many marijuana users should not be overlooked. We will need strict regulations on where and when an afflicted citizen can “hock a loogie,” or there will be a considerable slippery mess to deal with.

I am for the legalization of marijuana,
but we must address these potential problems.


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