Eat Light


This winter is making spring and summer look exceptionally good.
This harsh winter is affecting people in unusual ways.

The produce lady at the supermarket was punching a watermelon, the red flesh spewing onto the floor with seeds scattering everywhere.
I ignored her and walked faster, then missed getting my bananas.

The cashier’s fingers were very shaky, and she said my total was 97 dollars and 17 cents. I knew there was a problem, because I had only purchased a loaf of high fiber wheat bread. I would’ve been pissed, but she had a hot body, and I enjoyed watching her try to fix the problem.

As I made my way into the parking lot, a man looked directly at me and then pushed his cart straight at me. Just before his cart hit me, I noticed he was cross-eyed. The weather has gotten to me, too.
I dodged his cart, looked him in the eyes and said, “Watch it, buddy, or I’ll knock your eyes straight!”

Stay inside. Eat light. Worship the sun. Be brave.


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