Full of Balogna


This young attractive girl at work said, “You are full of bologna.”
I told her that I have been eating bologna all my life. I love it.
I once had a job in a deli slicing bologna, and in six months I gained forty lbs. Fortunately, when the owner realized my weight gain was from his bologna, I was fired. I would’ve looked like a blimp in another month or so.

Nutritionally, bologna has fat which keeps you warm in winter.
Cheese has calcium for strong bones.
This country grew into a superpower eating white bread. Mayonnaise makes everything go down the hatch smoothly. If you eat a sandwich thick with bologna and cheese, you will be full until dinnertime. If you need vitamins and fiber, add a piece of lettuce.

The young attractive girl, she said if I lose eighty to one hundred pounds, I might start to become attractive. I like her. She is nice.


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