The Harder They Fall


Damn that hurts!
That’s the way I have felt for the last two weeks after slipping on the ice and cracking a rib.
They gave me some painkiller at the ER that made me throw up four times.
Throwing up is very painful with a broken rib, so I cried.

Google says don’t do anything physical until the pain completely goes away. Well, that is pretty much what I did before the accident, so I’m working on it. It may take up to six weeks to heal.
By that time, I may be a big blob of mindless Jello.
I’m worried–in five days, I have to supervise a busy kitchen for ten hours on my feet.
Right now, it hurts to pick up a tooth pick.
I sneezed and nearly fainted.
Hot baths, icing, and power-snacking. I’m going to beat this thing.
Watch out real world, I’m coming back.


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