Testing the Family Bonds


It was a family vacation to Nags Head, NC.
I decided to go even though, for the last three months, every time I ate I would get a sharp pain in my side. I lost weight, I felt weak, and none of them knew or noticed.

At dinner out one evening, I had the crab cake platter with fries and a piece of cheesecake. When we left, we were packed into my brothers brand new Audi wagon.
The pain hit bad, and I instantly vomited on the windshield and dash.
The car went from laughter to silence and shock.
I said, “I’m sorry. I’m sick–I don’t know what’s the matter.”

I was trying to wipe off the horrendous display of crab cake dinner.
The new car smell was gone.
The next night I had emergency gall bladder surgery.

There have been times in my life that I have given family members reasons to not speak to me for three or four years. Right now everything is cool.


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