Dangerously Fat


At one time in my life I was morbidly obese.
I have taken off five or six pounds since then, and now I am just dangerously fat.

My doctors have warned me for years that I could have a stroke and end up looking like Stephen Hawking, the astronomy genius. My fifth grade teacher announced to the whole class that I would know a lot about astronomy–she said that all I had between my ears was outer space.

I don’t want to blow a gasket, so I rarely strain myself.
When I go to the gym, I really just sit around and look at different women.
My eyeballs are physically fit.
I’m going to die one day, and instead of a slow lingering death, I think I would rather get hit by a large train.


One thought on “Dangerously Fat

  1. Hey at least you would die in the gym and people will say that you were working so hard you blew a gasket.

    The main thing is that you recognize the people and are beginning to work on it. Change your eating habit to nutritious foods, walk on the treadmill, and get some supplements. Continue with discipline and consistency and you will be amazed.

    For a more tailored plan email me advocare@hush.com

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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