Ganja and Insulin


I get my prescription drugs from the local pharmacy.
I get my medicinal ganja from a big black dude named Fats.

Getting my prescription drugs involves standing in line, forking over sometimes hundreds of dollars for my insulin and Lipitor — usually a very boring and depressing experience.

Getting my ganga from Fats has been exiting and scary.
I have to park in a dark alley and wait for Fats to show up with the goods. I have only known Fats, who is one of the largest men in Maryland, for two weeks. On our first meeting I brought six pieces of Popeyes fried chicken. After making the deal, Fats and I devoured some chicken.
Fats cracked a smile and said that I was a man among men. I liked that.

Injecting insulin is a pain. It keeps me alive.
Smoking ganja is a pleasure. It instantly makes me happy.


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