Escape to the Beach


I’d escaped to Greenbriar Lake. The beach looked great and there were plenty of women to look at.
Underneath my tortoiseshell sunglasses my eyeballs were really working.

My strategic towel placement put me in amongst a group of young women.
I took off my shirt, struggling to get it off. I knew all eyes were on me.
When I looked around, I think they quickly looked away.
They must have seen that I was still in a full sweat just from walking the short distance from my car. My body glistened in the sun. Make a note to cut back on the weed tomorrow.

The lifeguard was a frail young man who probably never saved anyone with my massive muscle buildup.
As I walked forward to get in the water, I flexed all the muscles in my back and buttocks. I heard one small girl scream, but I could not determine if she was looking at me.
I’d worn my new double-extra large red trunks and I knew I was looking hot.

One woman actually spoke to me. She asked if I was a good swimmer.
I told her I was a excellent breast stroker.
Life is a beach.


2 thoughts on “Escape to the Beach

  1. debra

    You crack me up, I bet you weren’t glistening half as much as when you’re doing the elliptical or arc at the gym…..your sense of humor is a gift, I hope you have fun this weekend, but not too much…:) c u @

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