I was typing another great blog on my laptop when I noticed
my dog was sitting on his rear end and sliding his butt across
my freshly vacuumed bedroom carpet. I googled, dog is sliding butt
on carpet and l learned that this is called scooting. I also made a note to get carpet cleaned.

To my chagrin I found out that his butt could be infected. Hair removal, and a
stream of warm water applied to this area was what the internet ordered. I know my
dog and his high strung ways. When I grabbed his tail I had my oven mitten on. I raised his tail and shot water into his butt I expected him to give me a bite. Unbelievably, he seemed to
enjoy this. and there was a smile on his face, and I couldn’t stop his tail from wagging.

The scooting stopped, the vet bill was avoided. The operation was a success.



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