New Concepts in Dieting


I am learning new concepts with regard to dieting.
The first concept is chew your food. Before I might give my food one or two good chews and then down the hatch. Now, even if it is a quick swallow food like spaghetti, I will chew at least seven times. The other night I chewed some celery fifteen times before swallowing.

The second concept is to savor each bite. Move your food from eye teeth to molars. Squeeze and extract all the juices and turn it all into a tasteful digestible mush.

The third concept is to talk in between bites. Before I would find myself
lowering my head down towards my plate and using my fork in a shoveling action.
Now I sometimes speak a lot between bites.
My dog is bored with all the conversation, so I may have to have somebody to dinner.

Applying these concepts I have lost three pounds in seven weeks.
I am hoping to drop one pant size by 2020.


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