Grandma’s Cupboard


I would enter my grandmother’s house quietly, so I could eat something before she knew I had arrived. Her hearing was good though. “Stevie, do you want some Pop Tarts?”
I already had two in the toaster.

“I’m not really hungry, Grandma,” I yelled.
I had the door open to the fridge and was taking inventory.
“There is Jello and whipped cream,” she said.
I was spraying whipped cream in my mouth and throwing in a strawberry as well.
“Do you want to play Canasta?” she asked. She always beat me at cards–she cheated.

“I’m winning,” she said, “I have 1000 points and you have 49–do you give up?”
“Yes, Grandma, and after that beating I think I will have a Pop Tart.”
She stocked five or six boxes just for me.


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