We had been cruising in my father’s red Ford LTD, with the black brougham top. We had been smoking some good homegrown and drinking some beers when I realized we were lost.
“Hey, Wally, ask that girl for directions,” Karl yelled from the back seat.
My nickname was Wally. I was semi-famous in my high school.
I put down my window and with a smile asked, “Oh miss, can you tell me how to get to South High?” 
She turned and looked at me, and her expression changed–she yelled,
“What did you say to me fatface!?!”

My stoner buddies all bust out laughing. The girl got into a fighting stance and then gave me the finger. Karl said, “Hey fatface, lets get out of here before that girl kicks your ass.”
I was actually scared so I hit the gas. The next day in school my nickname was changed from Wally to Fatface.


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