Local Chef uses pot to lose weight


Local chef and pot consumer has lost fifty-two pounds using the illegal substance to aide in diet and exercise.


BBC: Chef how did you lose weight using pot?

CHEF: Using hypnosis I conquered the munchies, after this the pounds came right off.

BBC: Chef you did have to exercise?

CHEF: Yes , It was four months ago that I did some bong hits and went to the gym. I found myself running on a treadmill nearly five times the distance than the day before totally sober. When I am totally sober I don’t go to the gym.

BBC: Chef, you make it sound like this was easy for you.

CHEF: It was hard at first to have the pot available every day, but then I met Slip at the gym. He has been a great connection. Several times I did succumb to the munchies, and I might eat four sandwiches and a bag of Oreo cookies. Everybody has stumbling blocks down the road of life. There are many ways to reach your goal. I used pot and took off a lot.


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