The cane


When I walked into the kitchen the first thing I noticed was that my dad had laid his trusty wooden cane across the breakfast table, a place where I told him an hour earlier was not a good place to leave his cane. Marijuana heightens your emotions.  I picked his cane up and started beating our small metal garbage can with it. The curved handle broke off,  Temper, temper. big boy. Let it go, no more , you have broken your father’s cane,snap out of it.. I simmered down, and took the broken cane to dad, and told him to glue it back together. He knew what could happen when he laid that cane there. I told him to leave me alone I don’t want to break anything else. An old chair, a coat rack, and now a cane, all destroyed by my sudden angry flares ups. I think it is time to start drinking more alcohol.


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