A Goodbye Kiss


She is not answering my calls. I liked her a lot.
Our first date went well. She did have a large mole, which made me think of Broom Hilda.
For the first hour, one of my eyes was on that mole. I couldn’t stop looking at it.
When we walked, she took my hand, and when I slipped on the ice, I could have taken her down with me, but I let go–I already cared for her. We talked easily.
When she mentioned that she had been married five times, I began to reveal things about myself that I hadn’t meant to. My drug usage, long periods of unemployment, bi-polar disorder.
Even though she ordered four appetizers and two entrees after I said, “Get whatever you want–I’m buying,” I was still sexually attracted to her.
At the end of the night, she gently kissed me. It was a goodbye kiss.


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