Louie and God


“Louie, what are you doing down there?”
When I woke this morning, Louie, my Petite Basset was not next to me in bed. He was laying beside the bed, on top of my blankets that I must have tossed during a rough night’s sleep. I must have tossed Louie too. I saw his chest moving and thanked the Lord I didn’t hurt him. His eyes opened, he saw me, and his tail beat the blanket. He is glad to see me.
First he slept with mom, she is gone. Dad kicked him out of bed, because he likes to snuggle his rear end up against you for warmth. Now he sleeps with me. I’m not a good sleeper, and I think Louie is developing bags under his eyes like mine.
Someone asked me once, did I know that dog spelled backwards is God.
I believe for me it may be.


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