Chick Magnet


Every cloud has a silver lining.
My father’s driving skills have been declining. I took a ride with him–he didn’t use his blinkers.
He pulled in front of a big truck, which came within four inches of hitting us.
I said, “Dad, what the hell was that?”
He said, “He would’ve hit on your side.”
I knew he disliked me, but I had no idea how bad his driving was. At ninety-three I think he’s forgotten what a stop sign is. If we had one more near accident, I was going to shit my pants.
His driving was horrible, and he was trying to kill me. Then, two weeks later, he decided to completely stop driving. Another loss, another sad end.
Silver Lining: he asked if I wanted his 2009 Honda Accord with only 21,000 miles.
It is jet black. A chick magnet.


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