I’ll miss my mother


My mother was a great woman. A graduate, with Honors, from Hood College. A self taught expert on the history of Frederick County .A leader in the community with regards to historic preservation. And yet she could never learned to ride a bicycle. she was uncoordinated , a horrible athlete.She couldn’t even play badmitton.

She never really learned to drive correctly. A head on collision on hollow road, she knocked a post over at the post office.  She drove our VW beetle through the back wall of our barn.

Mom cooked for a hungry family of seven. I can still picture her sleepy headed fixing our bag lunches. Then find out later she forgot to put bologna on my bologna sandwich.

She considered herself a creative artists and after spending hours on another watercolor  she might say, “Stevie how do you like this? Often I would get a puzzled look on my face and reply, “What is it”?

Sometimes it was hard to visit my mom. She might quickly take my hand, and then I would realize she had mashed potatoes, and gravy in her hand. Even near the end it was worth it to go see mom, for suddenly she might look at you, and give you a big smile.I will always miss that.


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