renting a good body


I moved into my fathers house. Six bedrooms totally empty, as I only had furniture for the downstairs. My father is in assisted living , so I will live here in this huge house with my dog Louie. Today I bought a riding mower to mow the four acres surrounding the house. I am going to rent a room, hopefully to a good person. Female, non-smoker (cigarettes), sexy, laid back, and under sixty. I may rent to someone who does not meet this criteria, but their rent will be more. I have done this before, and I when you let someone into your home you have to discriminate. It is important to rent to someone who will not move out the first time they see me in my underwear. I may eat all of their peanut butter if they have any. If the rent is late I can become a homicidal maniac, depending on what they look like. Again obvious discrimination, but you have to be tough when money is on the line. I am going to be responsible, something I have rarely done in my past.


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