Take your meds


I told my therapist my mother had passed away, my father had gone into assisted living, and my dog was not handling our recent move well, having had four indoor bowel movements. She said she was sorry about what happened. She wanted to know if I was sleeping well,and was I taking my meds. I told her I wasn’t sleeping well, and my meds were lost in the move. She asked if I noticed any mood changes. I had suffered bouts of rage, times when I could not stop laughing, and increased libido. She just shook her head, and told me to take my meds, practice better sleeping habits , take it one day at a time, and behave. This is not the first time I have heard this.


2 thoughts on “Take your meds

  1. Perhaps not the last time. In the past, I lost count how many times I have heard that question. Did I take my meds? Pondering that question; it is rather offensive and shameful to ask that question.

    It is interesting sequence of events from four bowel movements to the question about meds.

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