My brother and I were riding our bikes on a hot summer day. We were coming up our lane when we both saw a bright green object in the sky. It flew across the sky and went down over Gambrill mountain. I looked at Dave and his mouth was hanging open like mine. “Was that a UFO with aliens?” I yelled.
He said, “Let’s go tell Mom and Dad.”
Mom had seen it too, and when we found her, she was making Dad get in the car to follow it. So we piled in and headed for Gambrill mountain. I wished I had brought my BB gun, because the aliens might try to abduct us. I once hit a cat with my BB gun–the BB bounced off, but that cat was hurting. We got to the top of Gambrill mountain expecting to at least see a big fire but there was nothing.
We found out later that a huge asteroid had dropped into the Hudson Bay near New York City. I’m glad that it wasn’t a space ship. I might’ve pooped my pants right in Dad’s car.


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