Of Men and Mice


I decided to clean the old shed.
When I moved a board resting in a dark corner, a mouse jumped up and ran towards me. I’m a large man, 255 pounds (give or take fifty), and yet I let out a scream. The mouse retreated, possibly from the high-pitched scream, and ran behind a stack of framed porch screens. My cleaning stopped immediately as I was too afraid of this two inch monster to continue.
Maybe I have watched too many horror movies–I was certain this mouse could jump six feet in the air and bite me in the face, possibly disfiguring me for life. I then noticed more movement. With a shudder, I realized it was a small toad.
I just wanted to clean the shed, now I find a mouse and a toad have been shacking up in there, and if anything else jumps out, I’m going to shit my pants. I don’t like to kill anything except stinkbugs, so I thought maybe I could blow them away with the leaf blower from long range. The blower worked, and they exited quickly. I’m hoping they can make a go of it in the tough world outside the shed.


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