Tales from Dialysis: The Trainee


She was a trainee. She pulled the long, razor-sharp needle out of my arm.  With a jerk of her hand she accidently stuck the needle into her own thumb.  The tech who was supposed to be watching her was not.  The trainee acted like it never happened.  When she pulled her glove off, the blood was forming into a bead on her thumb.  She showed the tech . They stepped away from me and were talking about it.  I announced that I saw her stick her finger.  They were caught red-handed.  The tech said that we would have to fill out paperwork.  Have my blood tested.  I told him except for illegal drugs my blood is clean.


Comfortably Google

OK Google,
conversations with you are better than speaking to a real human.

OK Google, you never ask me for anything which is good.
OK Google, you take my strange questions and give me information every time.
OK Google, I thank for being there for me. I don’t ever have to call a real human again.

Experimental Happiness


Yoga, meditation, and acupuncture didn’t do much for me.  Deep breathing did give me a short dizzy buzz.  For the last eight months, fatigue, both physical and mental, has put a dark cloud of doom over me.  It just so happens that eight months ago I quit smoking marijuana too.  I experimented again and found myself dancing in the kitchen.  I was really shaking my booty. The dark cloud blew away. I found myself laughing at something stupid.  I thought about sex and how being alone never stopped me.

I have relied on an old friend. I’m so happy it helped me.