If I Only had a kidney


When a mans an empty kettle

He should be on his mettle

and yet I’m torn apart.

Just because I’m presumin

That I could be human

If I only had a kidney.

I’d be tender I’d be gentle

and awful sentimental

regarding love and art.

I’d be friends with the sparrows

and the boy who shoots the arrows,

If I only had a kidney.

Just to register emotion, jealousy, devotion

and really feel the part

I could stay young and chipper

and I’d lock it with a zipper

If I only had a kidney




I have never been

too thin.

I have never been

too rich.

I have been so poor

life was a bitch.

I’m a man who never

found my niche

I’ll take the blame because

I’m no snitch

You deal with the life your given

you sure can’t switch.

Think of me


I would like to come around once in a while. I would do things that would make you smile.   Think of me.

I’m a little heavy, I don’t have a big staff. When the chips are down, I can make you laugh.  Think of me.

I may tell some jokes, I’ll make funny faces. When it comes to having fun, I cover all the bases.   Think of me.

I can be peaceful as a dove, I can dance, and sing. If I think you are for me, I have a big diamond ring.  Think of me.