Comfort Zone


For the last seven years, my partner in bed has been my dog, Louie.  I put up with his horrendous breath, and he puts up with my snoring.  He sleeps with his rear end pushed against mine, and we both emit loudly upon awakening, which warms us on cold mornings.  My girlfriend won’t sleep in the same room with me. My dog is there every night.  If I pet him a couple times, he will lick himself for nearly an hour. I have to smack him and tell him to stop it…but, I have unconditional love for Louie. I like my girlfriend too.


Ebola Scare


I woke up this morning feeling as if I may have Ebola virus.
My dog, lying close to me, smelled as if he may have caught it too.
I don’t have a thermometer, but I thought my fever was up.
My dog felt warm and his breath was horrid. This was normal.
My 65 degree room felt like Artic sub-zero weather.
My breath was bad too, but I didn’t see any blood coming from my organs, nose or eyeballs.

I’m going to quarantine back in bed for a couple more hours. This could be a hangover.