summer, when it is over

it’s a bummer.

so I,m going swimming

I’ll get a tan.

I’m going to fire up the grill

then lay in the sand.

I love the sun

but I don’t like to sweat

grab a beer and a doobie, you bet


Raiders of the Night


We are the men of Easton B,
the raiders of the night.
We are dirty sons of bitches.
We would rather fuck than fight.

We were singing our floor’s theme song.
Nobody showed up for our keg party and five of us are trying to drink a half keg.

They said that after my twenty-first red Solo cup full of beer I ran up and down the hallway wearing only my socks. I had lost touch with reality.
They said that I tore a sink off the bathroom wall.
I had no idea.

They said I put a motorcycle helmet on and knocked four holes in the walls and broke two windows. They threw me in my dorm room closet and blocked the door with my desk. The next day I woke up with a stiff neck.
I gave up drinking for three days after this.

We were the men of Easton B, the raiders of the night.
We were dirty sons of bitches, we would rather fuck than fight.