The Birds and the Bees


Ah springtime! The birds and the bees.
Love makes the world go round, and love of food made me get round.
Underneath a few inches of fat, the juices are still flowing.
I’m not as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.
I’m going on vacation with an old flame in June, and,
if I play my cards right and get the booze flowing, we may go all the way.

The last time I had sex I was really scared–
I was all by myself in the dark.




What I need more than bling-bling

The rejuvenating power of spring

I haven’t got money, and no one to call honey.

With spring my quest for love is renewed.

With a little luck I could get screwed.

Say I am rude, if you please.

to me it is just the birds and the bees.