Bodysurfing at Ocean City


I have always loved to swim in the ocean.

Last summer I went to Ocean City. 

I went swimming on a cloudy day when there weren’t many people on the beach.  The ocean was making me feel invigorated, and I made the risky decision to body surf.  The next wave was a big one, and as it approached me, I started to swim and then let it take me. 

It carried me about fifteen feet, then it flipped me putting my head in the sand.  I lost my breath, gulped in salt water, then I sort of finished the flip and ended up standing on my feet in about six inches of retreating water as the surf went out.  I was standing in front of two young girls, and one was pointing, the other giggling. 

That’s when I realized my bathing suit was around my ankles. 

The cold water had caused shrinkage, and my manhood looked like a thimble on top of a walnut.  I thought that in any other place but the surf I could be charged with indecent exposure.  I quickly gained my composure, and pulled my trunks up.  I turned around and headed out to sea. 

I hoped the girls would quickly forget what they saw and still have a good day at the beach.