Get Up to Get Down


Exercise saved my life.  I do a dead lift out of bed every morning.  Then I do deep bend overs in the shower to let the water shoot everywhere. Then I do a couple pull ups: I pull up my underwear, then pull up my pants.  A really extended bend over when I tie my shoes.  I have to remember to breath during this stretch or when I stand up I see stars–I have ended up on the floor several times.

Sometimes from this workout I am exhausted and lay back down to recover.


In The Spring


I’m going to break out of my shell this spring.
It’s about time–I’m no spring chicken.

I’m going to travel to an exotic location and talk to a sophisticated woman.
I’m going to stop collapsing in front of the TV at night and go out dancing, and pursue the women of my dreams.
I’m going to get a job, a job that pays at least 50K a year,
and I will be appreciated for the work that I do.
I’m going to be healthy, have a positive attitude, and clean my room and bathroom.
I am going to do all of this, in the spring.