Back in the Doghouse


I’m in the doghouse again.

I have wounded my best friend.

I will have to be charming

to hold her hand again.

Maybe some flowers or money,

whatever it takes to get back my honey.

Life is too short, I fear:

come back to me, my dear.


Garden Warfare


I do love you, I know I’m not that great at showing it sometimes.

—–> If you love me, why did you run over my lilies with the tractor?  Why did you make a giant pile of leaves in the middle of the back yard?  I told you not to.

I’m sorry. I have apologized ten times. Those were awful mistakes I made.  One bad turn with the tractor and two lilies got smashed in an instant.  There was no place else to put the leaves.  Two dreadful mistakes which happened two months ago.  You need to forgive and forget.  I am not perfect.  You are very important to me.  Please don’t leave.  I need you.



Relax, don’t even think about it. Whatever it is. Let it go, just think about something fun, like running naked through a field of flowers. If somebody says something that bothered you smacking them will get you in trouble, but it does give some temporary satisfaction. It was nothing but a thing. Forget about it. You deserve to be happy. You are smart, and sometimes good looking. You are very impressive when you do your best. Things will work out for you. Everything is going to be all right.