Garden Warfare


I do love you, I know I’m not that great at showing it sometimes.

—–> If you love me, why did you run over my lilies with the tractor?  Why did you make a giant pile of leaves in the middle of the back yard?  I told you not to.

I’m sorry. I have apologized ten times. Those were awful mistakes I made.  One bad turn with the tractor and two lilies got smashed in an instant.  There was no place else to put the leaves.  Two dreadful mistakes which happened two months ago.  You need to forgive and forget.  I am not perfect.  You are very important to me.  Please don’t leave.  I need you.


Leaves Falling


The cycle of life and death continues all around me.  The leaves fall and cover the grass that my father worked so hard for decades to maintain.  Everybody who lives in this old house has to deal with the leaves falling down.  It’s tempting to leave them there, but then the grass will die, and by March, the yard will be a brown muddy mess.

Although I don’t like the fall and winter, this year I am looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving with my roommate.  We will see how many vegetarian dishes go well with gravy.



Chippy told me we were going to climb the front fence with green grass in our hands. When the two horses came by to get the grass, we would jump on their backs and ride them.

Chippy climbed the fence and waved the grass at the horses. They headed our way. They came right up to Chippy, and he jumped and was on the horse’s back.

The horse bucked, and Chippy fell right on his head. When he tried to get up the other horse kicked him with his back leg, knocking him down again.
I was laughing, still trying to climb the fence with grass in my hands. Chippy looked up with a forced smile and said, “you are next.”