Fireflies, Fireworks and Sparklers


Our annual Fourth of July football game was under way.  Little kids, senior citizens, even girls were allowed to play. I was going only half-speed as I had already eaten two hotdogs and two hamburgers. Even with this massive load in my stomach I caught a touchdown thrown by my uncle Frank. He could play with a cigarette in his mouth–that takes talent. When he gave the football to his son, little Frankie ran the wrong way and kept going until he was tackled in my neighbor’s yard. The turnout was big this year–nearly a hundred cousins and friends. All together in our front yard. I was proud. We were drinking, sweating and swatting away gnats. At dark the fireflies came out, then fireworks and sparklers.

Happy Fourth of July


An Eating Binge


An eating binge can be both exhilarating and horrifying at the same time.
A massive consumption of food can occur after four good hours of dieting.
During an eating binge, there is no fear of choking: I might swallow a whole banana with blobs of peanut butter on it.
There will be no fear of heartburn: I might eat three cold hot dogs, some chicken wings, and pork rinds. Maybe a hunk of Pumpkin pie, then it is done.
The binge is over.
I’m back on my diet.
Everything is cool.