Life Goes On, Thank God


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go into a room with 32 recliners.  The people in these chairs are missing feet and legs, and some are missing their minds.  Some are old and near death.  You sit, a technician sticks inch long needles in a surgery enhanced vein in your arm.  A machine runs all the blood in your body seven times through a man-made kidney.  After four hours you can go home, dizzy, drained, and thinking fuzzy until the next morning. You have to accept this.  Some people give up and stop treatments.  They will die within weeks.  I thought life would be unbearable.  I am actually happier now than before dialysis.  I enjoy the small things in life more. Sunshine, my dogs’ wagging tails, my girlfriend’s laughter, a couple strong drinks, good music…the list goes on.  Life goes on, thank God.


Tuesdays are for Louie


Louie was my mother’s dog.  When she died, Louie became my father’s dog.  When Bob, my dad, went into assisted living, Louie became my dog.  Every Tuesday I take Louie to see my dad.  I also might take a couple chocolate éclairs.

You just have to enjoy life.  My dad doesn’t say much.  He can still devour an éclair very quickly.

Leaves Falling


The cycle of life and death continues all around me.  The leaves fall and cover the grass that my father worked so hard for decades to maintain.  Everybody who lives in this old house has to deal with the leaves falling down.  It’s tempting to leave them there, but then the grass will die, and by March, the yard will be a brown muddy mess.

Although I don’t like the fall and winter, this year I am looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving with my roommate.  We will see how many vegetarian dishes go well with gravy.



I’m going to improve myself in 2015.
I am going to enjoy the simple things in life that have been missing the last several years, such as sex, good food, and sex. I have had good food. I am going to eat more fruits, including prunes, and cabbage, and next year when somebody asks me how life is going, I’ll say, “It’s a gas.”

Health Scares


My life is usually pretty good.
Every now and then some bad news or a health scare can make things tough.
This is when I have to keep a stiff upper lip, batten down the hatches, pull up my bootstraps, and summon up that inner courage to get through.
This week I have to get a biopsy on my kidney.
This test will determine what is causing so much damage to my kidneys.
Afterwards I have to wait six hours to see if the kidney stops bleeding properly.
I am hoping that there are some cute nurses, and I’m going to ask if I can spend the six hours in the cafeteria.