The Devil Made Me Do It


I have never had a great respect for authority.

In class at St. Johns Elementary, my third grade teacher, Sister Raymond Marie had smacked my best friend Rob twice. I got up from my desk and punched her in the stomach. My suspension from school was thwarted by my mother’s visit to the principal’s office. She charmed Sister Marianna.

So, when they called me into the office, I was told I must apologize to Sister Raymond Marie, which I did. I also had to write on the chalkboard one hundred times, THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT.

I was a sinner then and still do occasionally sin.


Sister Eventia


Sister Eventia was my third grade teacher at Saint Johns elementary school. 

She would crack you on the head with a heavy wooden ruler if you misbehaved. 

My mother gave me a note to get out of class earlier than normal, 1:00pm sharp.  At 2:00pm I realized the note was still in my pocket–I had forgotten.  I stood up from my desk.

Sister said, “Where do you think you are going?”

I yelled, “New York!” and ran out the back door.