Spread Cheer


Elevator! Elevator! We got the shaft!  The cheerleaders are doing a bang up job tonight.  My prom date is co-captain. Her blond hair bobs into the air as she drops down to do a split.  Her bouncing skirt revealing for a split second something that I would never get.  My life is like that. You can’t always get what you want. I couldn’t get what I really needed.


To Wax Nostalgic


Earlier in life I made a lot of poor decisions.
I left college after two years. Actually, they made me leave.
I worked at over forty jobs. Sometimes I quit–a couple times I got canned.
I smoked enough pot to get the entire population of China stoned two times.
I never picked the right girl.
I ate whatever I wanted, I stayed up all night, I got in trouble, and I was free as a bird.
I had fun. Those were the days.