Life Goes On, Thank God


Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go into a room with 32 recliners.  The people in these chairs are missing feet and legs, and some are missing their minds.  Some are old and near death.  You sit, a technician sticks inch long needles in a surgery enhanced vein in your arm.  A machine runs all the blood in your body seven times through a man-made kidney.  After four hours you can go home, dizzy, drained, and thinking fuzzy until the next morning. You have to accept this.  Some people give up and stop treatments.  They will die within weeks.  I thought life would be unbearable.  I am actually happier now than before dialysis.  I enjoy the small things in life more. Sunshine, my dogs’ wagging tails, my girlfriend’s laughter, a couple strong drinks, good music…the list goes on.  Life goes on, thank God.


The Most Wonderful Time

At sunrise my three brothers, sister and myself would head down the steps of our Victorian home to start Christmas day.  Our brightly wrapped gifts and perfect Christmas tree were a sight to behold.
“Don’t open anything until Mom and Dad come down.” my sister said.

We sat sleepy-eyed and waited in the glow of the tree.  Mom came down the steps and quickly pointed out which gifts were for each of us.  Dad would come down in his pajamas and a robe.  We only saw him like this once a year.

The unwrapping of gifts lasted about twenty minutes. You would hear somebody cry out “Oh, just what I wanted!”  Some toys would be broken within an hour, others would last for years.  A breakfast including sticky buns, eggs, bacon and hotcakes.  A roast of prime rib for dinner with mashed potatoes and rich brown gravy.  These traditions were kept year after year, making for some unforgettable memories.

I have sinned


Bless me Father for I have sinned. I was looking at girls, and having bad thoughts. I hit Sister Marie in the for head with an eraser. I wrote the answers to the math test on my fingers. I had more sins but decided not to tell them. He said that God would forgive my sins but did not allow cheaters in Heaven. He said to say thirty Our Fathers, and thirty Hail Marys, then go in peace. I quickly lost count, ran out of the church all the way to the cafeteria.

Thanks for the likes


Twenty months ago my niece told me to send her some jokes. Jasmine was going to make me famous on the internet. That started my blog which is approaching 5000 views. This for me has been quite an accomplishment, for a man who at an early age decided to coast through life, a pretty good cook, a stoner, and a wannabe lover. My small blog means a lot to me, it has helped me greatly, and I say thank you for the likes.

What to do


Spring is here. The birds and the bees again. I think about making whoopie more in the spring. It is only natural. This year I am going to share my love with somebody. It is time for me to act like a man, get a good job, get a woman, and get a life. My dog’s love is not enough. I need a women in bed with me, and the dog. I am tired of making up my own mind, I need a woman to tell    me what to do.

I don’t change easily


I have a lot of trouble changing. I like things the way they are. For me, a person who heard what teachers , family, doctors, police, and friends had to say, but I always did my own thing. Now, suddenly fifty six , growing stronger, with more piece of mind, still wanting sexual activity, more curious about things, and a dog lover.  I should have been dead years ago like too many of my peers. I’m still in the game, and my future is looking bright.