Think of me


I would like to come around once in a while. I would do things that would make you smile.   Think of me.

I’m a little heavy, I don’t have a big staff. When the chips are down, I can make you laugh.  Think of me.

I may tell some jokes, I’ll make funny faces. When it comes to having fun, I cover all the bases.   Think of me.

I can be peaceful as a dove, I can dance, and sing. If I think you are for me, I have a big diamond ring.  Think of me.


awful things


You can live life scared as hell that something awful is going to happen. Maybe for example, a heart attack, and stroke that leaves you only the ability to blink one eyelid. These fears can be all consuming, especially knowing all the awful things that already happened in my past. Being scared is no way to live. Have courage, face your fears, fight your problems head on. Enjoy the fight, and remember everything can change at the blink of an eyelid

poor self image


In the first grade I was obsessed with my classmate, Patty Hiney. She had dimples, and curly blond hair. She sat in front of me in class, I liked to look at the back of her head. She said I was funny, and one time gave me half of her sandwich. I was smitten. In the fourth grade it was Ingrid. She had red hair and many freckles. This was a more serious love. My shyness and low self image kept me from revealing my love for her. I never really spoke to her. I did once hit her in the face with a chalk board eraser from all the way across the room. The list of girls and woman through out my life that I wanted is much longer than the list of women I actually got to know intimately. I hope to turn this around in the future

Bon Voyage


My father has gone into an assisted living home. I have to move out of the house I was born in–
A middle-aged man being thrust back into the world.
I am thinking, what is important to me? It is important that I do what’s right for my father. It is important that I continue to get high on high-grade marijuana. It is important that my dog is spoiled in a manner that he is used to since I took over his supervision. Entering a new phase of my life, I will remember these words: The only thing to fear is fear itself.
My next residence will be in the house next door. Good luck on your journey, Stephen, and Bon Voyage.

Ball game


It is a great old ball game. I cheat. I go by my own rules sometimes. In the game of life everybody tries to get what they want. If you are married you have to do what your wife wants and still try to get what you want. I’m single and in this great old ball game through one trick or another I have done what I wanted. Freedom of choice.

I love summer


In three months it will be summer. I can’t wait. Summer is the only time people tell me I look hot.  Shorts and flip flops, gin and tonics. The sun bright and hot, tanning you, and soothing to my soul. It has been cold for too long, and right now it is snowing. I can see you coming summer, I love you.